Shiloh Abundant Life Ministries Bahamas was officially launched on December 3rd, 2017 by Senior Pastor Kendyce Moss-Moultrie.  Alongside his wife and family were Associate Pastor Lena Pratt, and a crowd of well-wishers and friends. From the ashes we certainly arose to give birth to a people who would not only do great exploits, and know their God, but a people who would be impacted and empowered to reveal God’s Glory in the Earth.  God revealed the mandate to raise up this ministry in association with Shiloh Abundant Life Center in Forestville Maryland some 14+ years ago when Sr. Pastor Kendyce and Associate Pastor Pratt were attended the elevation of our Covering Bishop Dr. Darnell Leach in North Carolina.


The hand of God was revealed in many prophetic utterances as early as Senior Pastor Kendyce could recall his early years of the faith.  His Grandmother often shared the vision God spoke of his life, and this was further confirmed by his life’s path in his involvement in Church ministry. At the age of sixteen our Pastor recalls the vision of God which he was shown specific to him being called to preach the Gospel at a retreat at Divi Bahamas.  The vision came to pass as the Lord had shown when he was ministered to and exhorted to preach the word as the speaker form the vision Minister Millie Hanchel gave him the word of God from 1 Timothy 4:12, “”Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”


God gave our Associate Pastor Lena a vision that He also fulfilled while visiting her daughter in Los Angeles California.  Her vision encompassed God showing her with her feet being washed, and being ministered to before it even occurred.  The prophetic utterance included her being told that the student would exceed the teacher, and that she was to serve in ministry alongside our Senior Pastor who she assisted with his Christian formation.   The prophetess told her that she must stick with our Senior Pastor as they were to work the work of ministry collectively in years to come.  All of the utterances spoken to both leaders was later confirmed by covering Bishop Dr. Leach when the duo was ministering at Bishop Leach’s Pastoral Anniversary.  He declared to both of them that they were Evangelist for many years and that they should get ready to move to another level of Ministry as he saw the Pastors in them.


The proverbial joke for years was “Shiloh Bahamas, soon come”.  Not knowing how soon this vision was to come to pass, Pastor Kendyce again received the word of the Lord which challenged him from Covering Bishop Leach, “There are a people who God has raised to hear your voice, and they will not obey another, they are waiting for your voice.  You are the voice of God, and you are to Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins (Isaiah 58:1).  Knowing the call of God in his life included knowing what God called for He would provide for in the fullness of time.  However, when the specific question was asked, “What are you doing with God spoke to you?” there had to be a response, in October 2013 Pastor Kendyce had the conversation with his Sr. Pastor, Bishop James Newry of Calvary Deliverance Church, where he served as Associate Pastor and Ministry Supervisor.


According to Isaiah 58:12 Pastor Kendyce had to take a look at his next steps, 12 And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.  After sharing the vision of God with his wife Elect-Lady Sonja and Associate Pastor Pratt he waited for them to both hear from God, and sought the appropriate release at the appointed time.  While continuing to wait on the Lord, Pastor Kendyce continued under the tutelage of his Sr. Pastor Bishop Newry expanding his role in the administrative roles of the church, family counselling, and licensing himself as a marriage officer.  He filed appropriate documents to register the ministry in January of 2017 and gain release from his Sr. Pastor in November of the same year.


Pastor Kendyce would tell you that the road to establishing the ministry, and actually taking the leap of faith to trust God was haunting at times.  God sent many prophets and many specific words about the ministry that needed to be activated.  Every time he went somewhere it was if, he was a marked man, running from an (APB) all-points bulletin.  He could not hide any longer as the words of direction continued to come.  Pastor recalls preparing for a sermon in September of 2017 where God spoke to him specifically about the vision of the house, and he was directed to write the particulars concerning the ministry and its location.  The words, Empowering God’s Saints to Reveal His Glory in the Earth, the tagline with the Church’s Logo was embellished with the Vision and Mission Statements.




Our Vision

“Extending the love of Christ, building genuine Passion that enables our Church to Reach Outward, Grow Inward, and Serve Upward”.


Shiloh’s Mission Statement

The Mission of Shiloh Abundant Life Ministries – Bahamas is to create an environment that fosters love and acceptance. We will meet each individual where they are, transform their lives by enabling them to:

Reach Outward

Through Evangelism and Community Building

Grow Inward

Through innovative sharing of the word, training and personal development

Serve Upward

By developing a personal relationship with Christ – without compromise, while understanding their purpose to serve.


In October of 2017 God gave Sr. Pastor Kendyce the direction to find the building where the ministry was to be started.  God gave specifics of its location, inclusive of the correct number to reach out to the owner of the building without him knowing that the building was owned by the individual whose number he possessed.  The miracles of faith started where the owner Dr. Brendamae Cleare asked how she was discovered and Pastor Kendyce soon learned that she was the daughter of a noted Pastor.  She immediately aligned herself with the vision of the house and blessed the ministry with a year of reduced lease payments.  She took Pastor Kendyce to a space that was filled with construction debris and further blessed by reducing the first month’s rent to allow for clean-up of the rubble.


The space was filled with hidden blessings as many of the ministry’s needs were already in place.  Pastor Kendyce proceeded to tell his family of what God had done, but to see the space must have meant that he was crazy to take it.  Nevertheless his only focus was on the word that God had spoken.  He employed Carl Excellente’s Construction Company to facilitate design of the space, and as instructed by Dr. Cleare he used everything that he could from in the room.  God was faithful as the doors for the created sound room, and moldings were on the floor.  To his greater delight the petitioning material for the office space, sound room, and the altar building platform were all in the room. She blessed him as she said immeasurably to respond to the call of the Lord.  75% of the labour for the broken tile floor was a gift of the tile layer Terry major of Global Tile.  The electrical work was a gift from the electrician, and the branding collateral were all the designs of Addis Huyler of Sidda Communications Group.


The Carpeting of the space was done by Carpet World and the balance of the work to be completed were all the acts of the Lord.  While driving on Tonique Williams- Darling Highway the Holy Spirit urged Pastor Kendyce to go to The Kool Tech Air Conditioning to enquire of the appropriate tonnage for use of the Ministry’s store front.  The proprietor without any prodding asked, “Are you a Pastor, are you about to get ministry started, and Pastor Kendyce answered in the affirmative”.  When asked about the cost of the units he was told that he was mandated to bless him, and 5 Tons of AC at a cost of $2,000.00.  The blessings did not stop there as a carpenter built the podium for the altar, what would have cost $3,400.00 for a mere $900.00 as he to used the watch phrase, “I am mandated to bless you”.


The sound system installation was the gift of a professional sound engineer Oswald Bowe’s wife Melissa who called him and said we’re mandated to bless my good boss who is starting a new ministry.  Items that Pastor Kendyce had purchased in advance from Audio Plus were scrutinized and taken back to the store under the professional input of Mr. Bowe who remedied inferior suggestions.  His invaluable input lead to the ministry’s discounted receipt and many other blessings from the store’s proprietor who blessed the ministry with two monitors, cymbals for the drums, all of the wiring for connecting of the audio equipment, and an amplifier for the microphone system.  El Shadi Party Rentals proprietors Jeff and Gena blessed the ministry with a reduced price on 100 used chairs.  All of the office equipment was already in the possession of Senior Pastor Kendyce who was storing them for another opportunity not realizing that God had other plans.  God provided a filing cabinet, communion trays, and the addition of banquet tables for church events.  God kept his word to provide and the chapters of Shiloh Abundant Life Ministries commenced to the Glory of God on December 3rd, 2017.  Bishop Dr. Darnell Leach, and Overseer Dr. Anita Leach were accompanied by Sr. Pastor Odell and Lady Tina Carter of One Way Holiness of Brentwood Maryland were our first international guests.  Drs. Leach are the founders of New Beginnings Fellowship of Churches, and Overseers and Founders of Shiloh Abundant Life Centers of Washington, and Atlanta.  Sr. Pastor Kendyce preached his first sermon under the topic, “Move Your Stuff” – Genesis 12:1-5.